Who We Are

Integrity Ammo Corp LLC was formed in December 2022. We are a Veteran owned and operated company. We are committed to integrity and quality in everything we set our hands to doing. 

We stand for God, Family and Country.

We will always stand for and promote Freedom. Freedom isn't free though, it cost more than can be tallied in the blood, sweat, tears, and lives of our Veterans and brave citizens alike. We are Patriotic to our core and we proudly stand for Freedom.

We stand firm on the Second Amendment and the Entire U.S. Constitution. We will always respect everyone and treat them equally. Discrimination is not tolerated in our organization. "All men are created equal..." as declared in our Declaration of Independence: https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/declaration-transcript 

We place the highest priority on the quality of our products and services. We produce New and OFB Reconditioned - factory re-spec'd ammunition, AKA Freedom Seeds.

We are registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State: https://www.sosnc.gov/online_services/search/by_title/_Business_Registration 

We maintain a Federal Firearm License - FFL-06, issued by the Department of Justice - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Division. We are a manufacturer of small arms ammunition. Our current license is valid thru June 1, 2026. 

We are located in High Point, NC. We look forward to earning your business and serving our customers both near and far. Thank you for checking us out. May God bless you and the U.S.A!