Our philosophy

Good isn't good enough!  We purpose to be great.  We strive to maintain the highest possible standards in our products and services.  We present the worst looking ammo we have produced.  We feel like you should get as good or better looking ammo with your purchases.  We purpose to do it right the first time.  We stand behind all   of our manufactured products.       We know that our final product inspection is really done by you.

Efficiency on our part translates to savings on your part.  We will always strive to produce the best possible products in the most efficient manners, and then pass that on to you as savings in a quality product.

We will never price gouge our customers.  The economy may vary, and we may have to adjust slightly to compensate, but we will always offer fair priced products. We source the best components available, from the most local companies.  We believe that doing the right thing isn't expensive, it's priceless!