Our Service And Commitment To You

Integrity Ammo Corp LLC is committed to infuse Integrity into everything we set our hands to. From customer service, to manufacturing ammunition, and even conducting our day to day business. Excellence and quality is our goal.  We source the best possible components when assembling our cartridges.  We are here to help you reach your goals also.  As a customer, you are the most important part of our business.  We will always make time for our customers.  We realize that if we do not make time for our customers, we won't have any.  As a small business we cannot provide everything that everyone wants all the time.  So, if you do not see something you are seeking, send us a message in the "contact us" section at the bottom of our homepage, we will help you find it.

Quality Control

We check and re-check each round several times as it goes through our production process.  Before packaging, we chamber check each and every round to ensure it will run smoothly through your firearm.


We will always purpose to fill your orders quickly and efficiently.  You need to be out spreading "Freedom Seeds" on targets, not sitting around waiting on your Ammo order, or hanging out on the web.  :--)


We train all of our equipment operators to be detailed and diligent in their daily actions. Every operater is trained on every machine we use.   We do not offer training outside of our organization at this time.